Mindy McBride

Mindy and her husband, Andy reside in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area with their two children. Maisie was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2011 at 20 months old, and has a little sister Elsa that advocates and supports her.

Mindy is a principal in St. Paul Public Schools and has been in education and advocacy for over 20 years. Mindy is active in her community as she serves as treasurer for the St. Paul Principal Association board and on the Rosemount Fastpitch board where she leads concessions and fundraising. In the Angelman community, Mindy and Andy have been engaged in Angelman Syndrome fundraising for a cure since 2011. Andy and Mindy are also advocates in the West Nile Virus community after it directly impacted Andy in 2018 and changed their lives forever.