ASF Family Conference

July 23 - 26

Since 1991, the Angelman Syndrome Foundation has sponsored 17 family educational conferences that bring together the foremost authorities on Angelman syndrome.

The ASF Family Conference unites a diverse group of 1,000± individuals, including those with Angelman syndrome, their families, siblings, caregivers, clinicians, therapists, researchers, and friends.

Throughout the conference, attendees attend workshops, seminars, and presentations that cover a spectrum of topics, providing valuable insights into what we know about AS, how best to care for individuals living with AS throughout their lifetime, therapeutic approaches, and practical strategies related to Angelman syndrome.

Outside of education, attendees will experience community, connection, and celebration. These aspects are as integral as the conference’s educational components. Individuals and families who share similar journeys come together and create a network of support, understanding, and friendship.

Join us at the ASF Family Conference — a place where education, community, collaboration, and support come together to create an educational and empowering experience for all.


Cost: Free to register

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Full Agenda Coming Soon!

What kinds of things you can expect

Day 1: Tuesday, July 23

Day 2: Wednesday, July 24

Day 3: Thursday, July 25

Day 4: Friday, July 26