Emily Farrow, PhD, CGC, FACMG

Dr. Emily Farrow received her masters in Genetic Counseling (2006) and PhD in Molecular Genetics (2009) from the Indiana University School of Medicine. After a post-doctoral fellowship studying phosphate regulation and metabolic bone disease she joined the Genomic Medicine Center (GMC) at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City in 2012. She completed her laboratory genetics and genomics fellowship at Children’s Mercy Hospital (July 2023). The GMC’s focus is to use next generation sequencing to understand the role of genomics in pediatric disease, supporting research and clinical testing. In addition to her laboratory role in the GMC, Dr. Farrow is the PI on a NIH funded R25 Genomic Medicine Educational course. Her longstanding research interests include investigating how genomic test results are incorporated into clinical care, and using advanced genomic techniques to understand rare disease.